• China Is Making a Major Play for American Farms and Farmland

    The American farmer is revered in our culture. He—the mythical American farmer is invariably a man—is in many ways a professional embodiment of values, such as individualism and hard work, that are considered part of the national identity. With their backbreaking work, farmers settled the growing West through the 1862 Homestead Act. It’s not a stretch to say that farmers, riding the wave of manifest destiny, built the United States.

  • Strong opposition to 9,000 hog farm in Buffalo, North Dakota

    Buffalo, ND (Valley News Live) A $15 million hog farm could move into Buffalo, North Dakota.

    Around 200 people call Buffalo home. 

    They filled their community center looking for answers on why their town was chosen for the future home of 9,000 hogs.

  • The last state standing against corporate farming weighs a change


  • Tapping Arizona Water For Saudi Cows

    Many western states are hoping the El Niño storm system will alleviate the historic drought there and save them from the fate of other parts of the world like Saudi Arabia.

  • ND anti-corporate farming law petition signatures verified

    BISMARCK, N.D. (AP) - A group that wants to block a new law that relaxes North Dakota's Depression-era ban against corporate farming has successfully pushed the matter to a public vote.

    Secretary of State Al Jaeger says his office has verified that submitted petitions have enough valid signatures to put the measure on the June ballot.

    The North Dakota Farmers Union is leading the campaign to overturn the Legislature's decision to exempt pork and dairy operations from the state's anti-corporate farming law.


    Dip your paddle into Lake Crystal on some muggy afternoon, and it will return lathered in a soupy green slime. Each summer, algae sludge forms a thick seal on the water's surface.

    It's toxic and cruelly pervasive. One dog died last month after being poisoned by Red Rock Lake in Douglas County. Three more were killed by the blue-green foam in 2014.

    Children have been warned away: Touching or breathing in the foul-smelling toxin could bring on vomiting, rash, and liver damage.


    My family owns a farm near Medina, and we are now transitioning that operation to Steve Sund and his family. Our farm has always been, and will always remain, a family farm committed to serve the health of the land and the community.

  • North Dakota Farmers Union rallies in support of family farms

    BISMARCK – Leaders of North Dakota’s largest farm organization decided Friday to pursue a ballot measure asking voters to reject a recently signed bill that would relax the state’s anti-corporate farming law for dairy and swine operations.

    North Dakota Farmers Union President Mark Watne made the announcement Friday afternoon on the slushy steps of the state Capitol in front of about 150 farmers and others who rallied in support of family farms.

  • South Dakota hog farm, neighbors battle over smell

    MOUNT VERNON | Neighbors of a large hog farm in Davison County are complaining about the smell, but the company managing the facility says it has done everything it can to diminish the odor.

    The county approved a permit for the $13 million Jackrabbit Farms in 2012, and the 5,000-sow operation started production south of Mount Vernon last year.

    Neighbor Lyle Reimnitz said company representatives told him before construction that the facility would smell less than 2 percent of the time, and that hasn't been the case.